RaceSense Tyre Gauge

RaceSense Tyre Gauge

Product#: -Without Probe-

CHF 350.00


  • Accuracy better than +/-0.1 psi* (as accurate or more accurate than the very best gauges)
  • Rugged metal case and water resistant
  • Normal Gauge & fast Multi-Tyre modes Sync to iPhone, Android or computer
  • Socket for type K thermocouple probe for temperature measurements (probe not included)

Multi Tire Mode

RaceSense has a multi-tyre mode which is a real game changer for quick pit stops. There is no need to remember or write down pressures.

  • Record pressures on all tire  without pressing any buttons
  • Starting tyre and direction can be preset (anticlockwise/clockwise) 2 or 4 tire mode
  • Record tyre temperatures (inner, middle, outer per tyre) with thermocouple probe
  • Set car number

Sync to your phone

Racesense Tire Gauge has a built in phone link, tap to your phone and view the data in the app. No pairing is needed and the upload takes less than a second.

  • Shows maximum and adjusted pressures for each tyre
  • Temperatures from inner, middle and outer of each tyre and ambient temperature
  • Auto-senses GPS location when downloading
  • Auto-senses weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction
  • Add notes, edit location
  • Export data to CSV file
  • NFC enabled phone required: Phone 7 and above, Android 5.5+ with NFC. Apps downloadable from the App store and Google Play.