Motorsport Harness

Our racing harness category is all about your safety and performance on the racetrack. Racing harnesses are more than just safety equipment - they are a critical component for any motorsports athlete seeking peak performance and control.

Our range of racing harnesses offer premium quality and reliability to ensure you are well protected during every race. Whether you are an experienced racer or just diving into the world of motorsports, our racing harnesses are designed to meet your needs.

Depending on the type of motorsport, either 6-point belts or 4-point belts are preferred or even required. An important factor in choosing the right racing belt is, for example, wearing a Hans system, for which special belt models make it more comfortable for the driver to wear this system when belted. The motorsport belts from renowned manufacturers such as Sabelt, OMP, or Schroth, whose name stands for safety and absolute quality, form the core of our belt program. The FIA homologation of the individual racing belt models from this program is of course mandatory and always up to date.