Motorsport Underwear

Motorsport underwear with FIA homologation made from Nomex
The motorsport or racing underwear should not only protect against heat or be fireproof, but also offer a high wearing comfort.

We offer motorsport underwear from different brands like OMP Alpinestars Walero Sparco or Sabelt.

WALERO's "Keep Your Cool" underwear is a world first and is available exclusively from Racingfuel.Biz. The FIA ​​homologated products are made of a special Outlast® fabric that offers the highest level of comfort and uses PCM technology to regulate body temperature. For maximum hygiene, WALERO underwear is also treated with an antimicrobial coating that is 99.99% effective against the most common bacteria and fungal spores.

WALERO "Keep Your Cool" underwear increases the driver's performance and ensures optimal comfort.